Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Participate in and execute senior management vision in developing the shop.
  • Oversight and management of all shop department functions through:
    • Supervision and leadership of shop staff, including regular meetings and issue resolution.
    • Organization and timeline determination for repairs, preventative maintenance and safeties in collaboration with the Sr Project Manager and Safety Manager.
    • Prioritization of critical work to minimize job downtime.
    • Liaison with third-party vendors for fleet and shop work.
    • Initiation and ownership of accurate Work Orders.
    • Assurance of quality on completed fleet work.
    • Interactions and direction for Parts Department staff to ensure parts are on hand for upcoming and repeat work.
    • Maintenance and use of fleet records in Manager+ software.
    • Ensuring interior and exterior cleanliness of fleet vehicles.
    • Organization of yard, fleet parking and attachments (buckets, etc.)

Skills Required:

  • 3-5 years of experience as a Shop & Parts Manager is an asset.
  • Self-driven, results-oriented with a clear business focus.
  • Creates energy, excitement and recognition around team and individual accomplishment and successes.


Key Qualifications:

• Up to 1 – 2 years of proven experience working in a Parts and Service environment.
• Effectively manage Parts inquiries in person, by phone, or email in a timely manner.
• Conduct and/or support the daily functions of the parts operation, including sourcing, ordering, following-up on backorders, inventory counts, etc.
• Proficient in the use of computers.
• Organized and able to maintain data in inventory systems.
• Previous dealership experience in a similar position is preferred but not necessary, willing to train the applicant who best fits the culture.
• Mechanical inclination – Knowledge & mechanics of trucks considered an asset.
• Experience with Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), preferably ManagerPlus©, is an asset.
• Proven ability to prioritize and multitask in a fast-paced environment.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Oversight and management of all safety-related company compliance through:
    • Implementing and maintaining internal and external safety programs.
    • Maintaining COR certification and completion of audits.
    • Adhering to Workplace Health and Safety regulations.
    • Scheduling and conducting safety meetings.
    • Completing site safety plans for projects.
    • Performing subcontractor safety evaluations.
    • Providing and enforcing the use of Personal Protection Equipment.
    • Managing Workers Compensation Board claims and employee injuries/illness.
    • Documenting incidents and associated investigations.
    • Responding to customer requests for safety documentation.
    • Scheduling annual building system inspections (hoist, CONO, fire extinguishers, etc.)
  • Provision of employee orientations and organize training/testing (First Aid, hearing, etc.)
  • Formation and oversight of the employee Health and Safety Committee.
  • Obtain locates and permits for excavation projects.
  • Manage all MPI fleet management requirements (registrations, audits, driver’s abstracts, safeties, traffic court, etc.)
  • Handle MPI Dealer Permit and Vehicle Inspection Station requirements.
  • Must be committed to providing and promoting a safe work environment.
  • Must possess a working knowledge of state and federal construction sign/traffic control requirements and traffic routing plans.
  • Direct the safe flow of public and construction traffic and ensure the safety & security of public and site crew.
  • Works closely with Project Managers and Foreman to provide a clean, safe, secure and hazard free project site in compliance with the company’s policies as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Conducts random and scheduled project site inspections, communicates findings to ensure workplace safety and routinely audits on-site safety compliance.

Skills Required:

  • Related field with 2 – 3 years of experience, ideally in the construction industry.
  • Thorough understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as other safety related laws and regulations.


Experience:Minimum 2 years of experience.Skills Required:

  • Drives a heavy-duty gasoline or diesel-powered truck, which is attached to a trailer with a low frame or bed upon which heavy equipment is hauled.
  • Driver is often required to operate heavy equipment to load onto or off the lowboy.
  • Driver is required to maintain logbooks, daily vehicle inspections, etc. as required by the legislation.
  • Safely driving the lowbed truck.
  • Load and unload all pieces of equipment that need moving, make pick-ups or deliveries to sites when necessary, and maintain vehicle as per regulations.
  • Must be committed to providing and promoting a safe work environment.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Must be familiar with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Clean abstract and valid Class 1/ Class 3 (with air)drivers license (must provide).
  • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment as per company requirements.
  • Ensure proper documentation is maintained; including pre-trip inspections, daily inspections, log books when required.
  • Responsible for safe loading, shipment and unloading of materials and equipment.
  • Minimum 1 year experience with Gravel hauling, including Super B’s, End dump and Belly dump trailers.
  • Flat deck experience an asset, including knowledge to order permits for over-sized or out of province loads.
  • Knowledge of IFTA is an asset.

Skills Required:

  • Good organizational skills with attention to detail.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills and ability to work with others.


Description:Experience with the following equipment is an asset: Loader, Dozer, Backhoe, Packer, Skid Steer, Excavator, Rock Truck, Grader.


Minimum 2 years of experience.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Operate all heavy equipment in a safe and efficient way according to all relevant legislation, policies and procedures.
  • Submits daily reports for hours worked, equipment and supplies used and work performed.
  • Performs routine preventative maintenance to applicable equipment.
  • Ensures all equipment is cleaned, safely and securely stored.
  • Report any and all repairs, damage or unsafe conditions of equipment or Municipal infrastructure.
  • Participates in routine grounds & facility maintenance activities as required.
  • Construct, maintain and upkeep public property and right of ways.
  • Perform daily safety and maintenance checks.

Skills Required:

  • Must hold a valid Province of Manitoba Class 1 Driver’s License with Air Brake endorsement.
  • Provide an acceptable Driver Abstract.


Job Type:



Minimum 2 – 3 years of prior experience

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Diagnose, estimate and repair heavy duty and truck/trailer units.
• Perform preventative maintenance activities on heavy duty and truck/trailer units.
• Complete timely and accurate work orders on all activity.
• Perform work in a clean and safe manner with a positive attitude.
• Communicate effectively with internal staff and vendors
• Available to work extended hours as required.
• Commitment to getting jobs done well with quality results.

Skills Required:

• Organizational and planning skills required to efficiently achieve shop objectives.
• Computer literacy and experience with diagnostic tools and equipment maintenance software are an asset.
• Red Seal Certification in Mechanics and/or Welding is not required but is considered an asset.


We are looking for a competent Construction Foreman to coordinate operations and oversee workers at construction sites. As the point of reference of both workers and supervisors, Foreman will be a key person for the completion of a project.

Start date – April 2019


  • Must have extensive experience running an asphalt crew for both commercial and/or highway paving projects. Please indicate types of projects paved on application.
  • Experience with documentation for projects including quantities and maintain accurate records.
  • Must have experience of organizing a crew of 5-8 on a day to day basis.
  • Must have experience following safety procedures and policies.
  • Must have experience with enforcing company procedures and policies.
  • Working extended hours including evenings and weekends are necessary.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate tasks according to priorities and plans.
  • Produce schedules and monitor attendance of crew.
  • Allocate general and daily responsibilities.
  • Supervise and train workers and tradespeople.
  • Ensure manpower and resources are adequate.
  • Supervise the use of machinery and equipment.
  • Monitor expenditure and ensure it remains within budget.
  • Resolve problems when they arise.
  • Report on progress to the Project Manager.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Ability to operate asphalt paver with attention to detail and emphasis on craftsmanship is an asset.
• Ability to operate paving related equipment.
• Perform daily maintenance and adjustments to the equipment.
• Ability to guide and direct dump trucks while backing up to machine hopper when operating paver.
• Understanding of all aspects of the paving industry.
• Must perform additional tasks of other positions as needed and instructed by foreman.


• Minimum two years related asphalt and road construction experience is an asset.
• Ability to do physical work in a variety of weather conditions.
• Must be willing to travel and work away from home when required, long hours.
• Be willing to work overtime and weekends when necessary.
• Must have strong work ethic.
• Communication skills with the ability to communicate in a team environment with supervisors, co-workers and general public alike, in a courteous and professional manner.
• Ensure a safe work environment in compliance with all safety policies and procedures.
• Dependable, on- time.
• Willingness to be a team player.

• Asphalting experience necessary (2+ years an asset).
• Must be able to work in fast-paced, physically demanding environment.
• Working extended hours including evenings and weekends is necessary.

• Asphalting experience necessary (2+ years an asset).
• Must be able to work in fast-paced, physically demanding environment.
• Must have experience on commercial and highway projects. Indicate type of roller you have experience with (Double Drum, Combination Roller, Pneumatic Tire Roller) on application.
• Working extended hours including evenings and weekends is necessary.

• Operate asphalt screed to apply asphalt per plan and quality specifications as instructed by crew superintendent to insure daily schedules/estimates are met. Also, must perform additional tasks of other positions as needed and instructed by foreman.
• Screed operation on the asphalt paver involves making normal adjustments for obtaining proper depth, grade and finished cross section of asphalt material via screed controls.
• Ability to operate or initiative to learn to operate other equipment required on an asphalt crew
• May oil, grease, service and make normal operating adjustments to the equipment.
• Ability to operate asphalt paver/screed within designated area with attention to detail and emphasis on craftsmanship.
• Ability to guide and direct dump trucks while backing up to machine hopper when operating paver.
• Manipulates hand or foot levers to control movements of machine spreads and levels asphalt on subgrade of highway and related surfaces such as parking lots, streets, etc.
• Thorough understanding of all aspects of the paving industry including preparatory work, grades, drainage, paving patterns, aggregate size, job specifications, oil consistencies, compaction and other details related to asphalt paving.
• Must have experience operating screeds, as well as automatics.
• Must have experience with commercial, as well as highway paving.

As a member of the paving crew, the Asphalt Raker is responsible for raking asphalt, shoveling excess asphalt, sweeping up debris, and a variety of labour related duties.


• Assess road condition and job requirements.
• Spreading asphalt with a rake using efficient techniques and maintaining a good pace.
• Shoveling excess asphalt and sweeping up debris.
• Responsible for the proper match points and limits of asphalt mix adjacent to concrete structures, manholes, water valves and other fixtures within the road surface
• Using an asphalt rake, blend and level any seams in the mat, reducing visible marks and seams in the asphalt surface.
• Measure the width of the road using measuring tape, and string line the boundaries of the road surface as a guide for the paver.
• Assist the screed operator with even distribution of asphalt materials over the road surface
• Verify, estimate, and set the angle and depth of the asphalt screed as required.
• Signal operators of construction equipment to facilitate alignment and movement of materials.
• Shovel asphalt mix into areas inaccessible to paving machines, and compact mix using rakes and hand tampers
• Operate equipment, such as pneumatic hammers, vibrators, tampers, and skid steer when needed.

Wages will be determined based on experience. Please indicate which position(s) you are applying for on resume/application. Please provide references.

If you are interested in joining our growing company, please email your resume to, call 204-239-6267, or visit us on Highway #1 West of Portage la Prairie, to fill out an application.

Only eligible candidates will be contacted.